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A little short on credits?
The ATA Educational Trust is a registered charitable organization closely affiliated with the Alberta Teachers' Association. Each year, the Trust offers bursaries and grants to Alberta teachers and educational researchers. Through its bursary program, the Trust encourages teachers to advance their knowledge and teaching skills by enrolling in courses of study. The Trust's grant program encourages teachers to attend specialist council conferences, and develop resources or undertake research in education that will be of practical value to colleagues.
ATA Specialist Council Conference Grants ($500)
Each year, the Trust awards a number of grants to help defray the costs associated with attending an ATA specialist council conference. Eligible expenses include registration, accommodation, fuel and food. Only expenses not covered by other grants will be considered for compensation. To apply for this grant, please complete and mail the application form by September 30.
To qualify for a grant, applicants must:
  • register or plan to register for an ATA specialist council conference.
  • take full advantage of other sources of funding available.
  • not be a conference organizer.
  • not have received a Trust bursary or grant in the past three years.
  • have completed and submitted to the ATA Educational Trust by September 30 a grant application form. (Only one form will be accepted from any applicant.)

In October, the names of all eligible applicants are entered into a draw and a set number of names are selected at random. School jurisdictions, ATA locals and specialist councils are notified of the results. The September 30 deadline is strictly applied. Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be accepted.

Successful candidates will receive a claim form in October. Once they have attended the conference, they will need to submit the form along with original receipts for the expenses incurred.
Link for Grant Application Form: Click Here